Bradley Fry / Principal

A welcome from the Principal

As a Principal, Teacher and parent, I understand that selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a family. I hope this Virtual Tour assists you with your first steps of learning more about Tintern Grammar. Within the website, you will find information on all aspects of life at Tintern Grammar. This includes our Teaching and Learning, the Parallel Learning model, Academic results, our impressive 140+ Year History, Sport, Co-curricular activities, Community, our beautiful facilities, grounds and much more. Please take the time to look around the site, view our videos and importantly use our contact form to ask any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to Tintern Grammar.

Tintern Grammar

Take a campus tour

Since 1877 Tintern has been a leader in the fields of education, teaching and the care of all our students. Located in the heart of East Ringwood our modern buildings and spacious facilities are set on 42 acres of beautiful tree-lined grounds, our school boasts state-of-the-art facilities with our very own working farm, gymnasium, swimming pool, STEAM and Robotics Centre, Early Learning Centre and magnificent sporting fields. 

Tintern Grammar

Early Learning Centre

Our Early Learning Centre has been recognised for its innovative programs and wonderful facilities. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has rated Tintern Grammar Early Learning Centre as ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ in all seven areas of assessment. We believe in developing positive and meaningful relationships with the children in our care, fostering a sense of belonging for the children and their families.

Watch the overview of our Early Learning Centre program, presented by Kristin De Vos - The Director of The Early Learning Centre. 

Click here to learn more about our Early Learning Centre. 

Tintern Grammar

Girls’ Junior School

At Tintern we provide opportunities for girls to engage, build confidence and lead. Our Girls’ Junior School classes and curriculum have been carefully structured to fully cater to the specific needs and strengths of our young girls. 

Watch the overview of our Girls' Junior School program, presented by Allison Prandolini - Head of Girls’ Junior School. 

Click here to learn more about our Girls’ Junior School.

Tintern Grammar

Boys' Junior School

At Tintern Grammar, we understand boys. We recognise the importance of an integrated approach to literacy and encourage boys to thrive in a culture that fully appreciates their vibrancy, enthusiasm and curiosity. 

Watch the overview of our Boys' Junior School program, presented by Adam Kenny - Head of Boys Junior School and Director of Students. 

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Tintern Grammar

Middle School

We know Middle School years are key to your childs development, and we offer pastoral guidance in a nurturing and supportive environment vital for their wellbeing. Our Middle School promotes values of empathy and respect to help students understand how to connect with others, as they form their unique ambitions for the future. 

Watch the overview of our Middle School presented by Brett Trollope - Head of Middle School.

Click here to learn more about our Girls’ Middle School.

Click here to learn more about our Boys’ Middle School.

Tintern Grammar

Senior College

The move to Senior College signifies a move to more independent and self-directed learning. In an environment specially designed to resemble a small university campus, girls and boys from Years 10 to 12 learn in a co-educational setting, as they commence their all-important senior years’ studies.

Watch the overview of our Senior College, presented by Oriana Constable - Head of Senior College. 

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Tintern Grammar

Student life

Watch the 'Student life' overview to hear from our students. 

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to English

Watch an overview of our English program, presented by Chris Millgate-Smith - Head of English

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Mathematics

Watch an overview of our Mathematics program, presented by Vanessa Rich - Head of Mathematics.

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Science

Watch an overview of our Science program, presented by Lanna Derry - Head of Science. 

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to STEAM

Watch an overview of our STEAM program, presented by Sue Healey - Director of Information & Technology Services & Head of ICT Curriculum. 

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Music

Watch an overview of our Music program, presented by Lisa Clarke - Head of Instrumental Performance and Anne Bortolussi - Head of Music Curriculum. 

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Sport

Watch an overview of our Sports program, presented by Ashley Viney - Head of Sport. 

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Art

Watch an overview of our Art program, presented by Rachel Waud - Head of Visual Arts & Design.

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Languages

Watch an overview of our Languages program, presented by Sebastien Lauret - Teacher of French and Head of Languages. 

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Health, Home Economics and Psychology

Watch an overview of our Health, Home Economics and Psychology programs, presented by Adriana Mantella - Head of Health, Home Economics and Psychology.

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Tinternwood Farm

Watch an overview of Tinternwood Farm presented by Elizabeth Elizabeth Cutter - Farm Curriculum Co-ordinator, Year 9 Pastoral Mentor  and Acting Chaplain.

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Outdoor Education

Watch an overview of our Outdoor Education Program presented by Emma Lowing - Head of Outdoor Education. 

Tintern Grammar

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Watch an overview of The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program, presented by Anne Bortolussi - Co-ordinator of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program. 
Tintern Grammar

Welcome to Horizon

Watch an overview of Horizon, presented by Anthea Watkins - Horizon Centre Co-ordinator & Year 7 Girls Co-ordinator.

Tintern Grammar

Welcome to the Green Team

Watch an overview of the Green Team program, presented by Anne Bortolussi - Co-ordinator of the Green Team. 

Tintern Grammar

International Student life at Tintern Grammar

Watch the overview to hear about life as an International Student at Tintern Grammar.